BRINC's extremely excited to work with Drone Nerds

We are extremely excited to work with Drone Nerds and believe their experience and history of working with public safety departments will help us keep civilians, first responders, and suspects safe when lives are in danger. 

A Message From Drone Nerds CEO Jeremy Schneiderman

Drone Nerds is the largest provider of enterprise-class drones in North America. One of our larger segments is public safety. For years, we have searched for a UAV solution to enable SWAT teams to respond more quickly, more effectively, and without risk of life. This is finally the solution we have been looking for. The BRINC Drones LEMUR is the first drone that can quite literally save and protect lives, and we're proud to help bring it to market.

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About Brinc Drones

BRINC Drones builds powerful search and negotiation tools designed to aid and protect tactical teams in high-risk barricade, hostage and active shooter situations. BRINC's first product is the LEMUR Drone. Born from advanced Department of Homeland Security (DHS) research and developed in close partnership with LVMPD SWAT, the LEMUR represents a new benchmark in tactical UAV capability. It can fly in inclement weather, break windows of structures, enter through them, search rooms while sending live day and night vision video back to tactical commanders, push open doors, flip itself over after crashes, locate suspects, communicate with suspects using a two-way audio system and deploy countermeasures when human life is at risk. Learn more about how BRINC Drones partners with Lexipol and Police1 to provide leadership, guidance and the expertise needed to help agencies navigate the law enforcement grant process.

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