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ElevateUAV Summit 2023 to connect drone manufacturers, developers, pilots, enthusiasts, and enterprises

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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. - The ElevateUAV Summit will be hosted at the FIU Koven’s Center on July 26-27th. ElevateUAV will be Drone Nerds’ inaugural event and is set to bring together leading organizations and experts in the UAV technology space. The event aims to connect drone manufacturers, developers, pilots, enthusiasts, and enterprises.

Sony, Pix4D, and Teledyne FLIR are organizations that are shaping the future of the drone industry by providing commercial-grade platforms, sensors, and software for businesses across several industries. Along with many other UAV experts, Sony will offer an in-depth discussion provided by a panel of speakers that have helped Sony enter the UAV space.

Additionally, Pix4D, which specializes in photogrammetry software for mapping through its expanded suite of solutions, will have the executive of AEC Business Development, Tom Cerchiara, offer an education session on the use of drones and handheld devices for reality capture across the construction and engineering fields.

Teledyne FLIR will also participate in a speaking session, where Kelly Brodbeck, Product Manager of SIRAS, shares how drones and thermal technology can maximize secure operation in industrial and utility inspections, firefighting, law enforcement, and search and rescue missions. Kelly leads Teledyne FLIR’s new commercial drone program, the secure drone for infrastructure inspection and public safety applications.

Other educational sessions will be provided by a range of experts in the UAV industry, including Brandon Torres Declet, Board Member of ReadyMonitor, Jon Hegranes, Founder and CEO of Aloft, Jonathan Rupprecht, P.A, a drone law expert and attorney, Jeff Clementi who is the VP of Business Development from Skybrowse, and Edwin Sanchez, CEO of Votix.

For a more dynamic educational experience, ElevateUAV will also host live flight demos on some of the most popular drone platforms across several industries. Among these demonstrations will be the DJI Matrice 30 Series, as well as the Mavic 3 Enterprise, Thermal, and Multispectral. Teal will also fly its latest platform, the Teal 2, and Hextronics will have a live demonstration of their docking stations.

“Education on the potential of the UAV industry is important for our audience— drone technology is still in early adoption for many businesses in other sectors, and the more we can educate the general public on the benefits of drones, the easier it will be for organizations to implement drone programs. We’re thrilled to be able to bring together such a great group of movers and shakers,” states Jeremy Schneiderman, Drone Nerds’ CEO.

Organizations or experts that wish to participate in the Elevate UAV Summit can connect with the event organizers at or submit an application at

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