AMREL Demonstrates New Biometric Handheld

El Monte, CA--(Marketwire) - American Reliance, Inc. ( AMREL ) announced that it will demonstrate its revolutionary biometric handheld at the 2009 Annual Biometrics and Forensics Summit, in San Diego, CA.

"We're very excited about our new Handheld Biometric System 2 (HBS2)," declared Richard Lane, Vice President of AMREL. "Not only does it fully meet the toughest military standards, including those of the US Navy IDS, it only weighs an incredible two pounds."

Developed with battlefield feedback from warfighters and tested by the DOD Biometric Fusion Center, the HBS-2 is the first rugged biometric device that's light enough to be a true handheld. Compatible with all EFT / EBT file types, it successfully captures and allows real-time matching of Face, Finger, and Iris patterns. For critical details, the 1000 dpi camera effectively records latent fingerprint and forensic debris.

"The HBS-2 illustrates AMREL's commitment to building real-world practical solutions," explains Mr. Lane. "For example, the 32 GB hard drive has a database of over 100,000 NIST files. This enables soldiers to check IDs of a group of villagers in minutes. With other systems the same task could take hours which would expose the soldiers to unnecessary risk."

The HBS-2 has military connectors, which give operators the option of connecting to distant databases through easy integration with standard tactical radios.

Other HBS-2 features based on warfighter input are the six infrared illuminators and acoustic sensors. AMREL's team of experts designed these, after they learned of the difficulty soldiers had in taking pictures of the iris. With these range-finding features, iris capture is now a snap.

To see the amazing HBS-2, drop by AMREL's exhibit at booth 104 at the Annual Biometrics and Forensics Summit. To get a sneak peek at the HBS-2 and its specifications, download from

AMREL has been designing and manufacturing small-footprint, highly integrated, rugged mobile computing solutions since 1989. Our new Handheld Biometric System 2 (HBS2) only weighs an astonishing 2 pounds and fully meets US Navy / Coast Guard requirements for Vessel Boarding Inspection System (VBIS). For successful missions in the harshest battlefield environments, look to AMREL for working solutions in Command & Control, Communications, Computers, Surveillance, Intelligence, and Reconnaissance applications.

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