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Intterra expands functionality of its industry-leading stats tool


Intterra Stats Tool quickly showing how many hospital beds are available in an area.

Photo via Interra

CASTLE ROCK, Colo. - Intterra announces the expansion of their Stats tooling across all map layers in their core-products. Additionally, the ability to reuse pre-created polygons allows Command Staff to better understand environments and make better decisions real-time.

“Our goal is to help first responders create the most effective mitigation plans and response decisions in emergency situations. The best way to do that is give them the right data at the right time. The expansion of our Stats tool to so many data layers allows for just that.” said Adam Gotlieb, Chief Product Officer at Intterra.

Intterra displays critical information that agencies can use to inform operational planning, emergency evacuation checks, and incident summaries. First responders & command staff can select layers to obtain information about the population count, building count, property value, preplan mapping, and location demographics. They can leverage existing boundaries (polygons) or draw their own shape to target and zoom into specific locations with Intterra’s Stats Tool, improving active intel.

“Our customer’s feedback has always sat at the center of what Intterra builds. We’re continuing to double down on delivering more features for them faster. The updates of adding our Stats tool across nearly all map layers is a great example of that happening this month.” said Mike Soldan, CEO at Intterra.

The Intterra Stats Tool allows you to geospatially interrogate & aggregate their map’s metadata. Examples that Intterra customers are already using include, summing of population, property values, hospital capacity, and other public impacts while planning, responding to, and recovering from emergencies. No other community resilience tools give the expansiveness and quick viewing of community data at scale like Intterra does.

To see more examples of Intterra’s tools in action, visit: Intterra Stats Video

About Intterra:

Intterra is a trusted interagency common operational platform providing real-time situational awareness software for firefighters, first responders, and the private sector. Intterra’s software allows communities to share situational information and respond to risks & events as they develop in real-time. Trusted by some of the busiest firefighting agencies in the US, Intterra empowers departments and agencies with insights and analytics, allowing users to access all of a department’s relevant data in one centralized visual interface. Since 2010, Intterra has been on a mission to arm fire agencies with big-data solutions to ensure they’ll be better informed, more flexible, safer, and ultimately more valuable to their communities.