Snagg Proves Once Again That Technology Can Can Beat Thievery!

SNAGG PROVES ONCE AGAIN THAT TECHNOLOGY CAN BEAT THIEVERY [APPLETON, WI] – [9/9/13] – SNAGG (, a worldwide leader in theft protection and recovery is launching a new GPS-based tracking system on Tuesday, October 1st, 2013 that allows for the ultimate in coverage and flexibility at one of the lowest price points available. SNAGG’s tracking service works through over 500 operator partners in over 175 countries worldwide. With numerous manufacturing partnerships already in place, SNAGG will prove once again why they are at the forefront of, and considered a pioneer in, the field of property recovery. “What Lo-Jack has done for cars over the years, SNAGG is now doing for other personal valuables such as our guitar cases,” states Jon Green, whose company Calton Cases International recently joined forces with SNAGG. “These units can be hidden inside almost anything and enable law enforcement to recover the item anywhere in the world.” Calton Cases employs SNAGG’s RFID chip technology in every case they manufacture and will offer the GPS product as a simple hidden add-on to their case to allow the locked cases to be tracked if stolen. SNAGG will initially launch with two units that each serve a unique purpose and fit almost every need. The GL200 is a fully-rechargeable unit that can be hardwired to your car or equipment to allow the units to be continuously tracked without charging or maintenance. The other unit, the GL500, is a stand-alone GPS that can achieve a three year battery life with their unique daily deep sleep mode. The online tracking service can be viewed from a PC, Tablet or Smartphone. Tracking services start at $49 per year and include a daily notification of where your item is and the battery life remaining. The system can then remotely activate the units from daily to real-time tracking should the need arise. Police can then be notified of the location so they can locate and recover your equipment. As the system launches October 1st, SNAGG already has plans to improve their hardware, as well as customize the platform for partner needs. “SNAGG remains on the cutting edge of technology and our newest system is built so that as the technology gets better, our system gets better,” comments Brian Schuh, Chief Information Officer of SNAGG. “To remain a step ahead, we are constantly striving to improve the efficiency of our hardware and recovery systems. GPS technology to recover valuables is finally a practical option for us.” SNAGG proves once again that technology can beat thievery. With SNAGG GPS technology, thieves can run but they can’t hide. It’s simply your best chance to recover your valuable possession. Now you can get a daily update notification and affirmation that your GPS-embedded items are safe and sound; protected by SNAGG. Please see further information at

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