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BriefCam video analytics enable DC National Mall to boost guest experience & safety

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Convergint-led Donation Empowers Park Officials with Key Insights from Intelligent Video

BOSTON - BriefCam, the industry’s leading provider of video content analytics solutions, today announced that its software platform is now in place at the National Mall as part of a $3.3+ million technology donation led by systems integration leader Convergint. By making surveillance video footage searchable, actionable and quantifiable, BriefCam can help the National Park Service (NPS) and the United States Park Police (USPP) ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for visitors to the National Mall’s monuments, museums and parks.

BriefCam and ten other vendors have joined forces to help the National Park Service (NPS) meet the challenge of creating a positive, family-friendly environment while maintaining safety and security.

“We very much appreciate BriefCam’s role in this technology donation designed to help us optimize National Mall operations, safety and visitor experience,” said Deputy Chief Mark Adamchik, Commander of the Field Operations Division for the United States Park Police.

By providing real-time alerts and the ability to search and filter video, BriefCam can help the NPS respond with agility, investigate quickly, and make informed decisions that drive safety and security, including:

Preparing Sites for Increased Traffic: The NPS can easily determine the high pedestrian traffic areas and use that information to strategically post signage for visitors. This ensures that important messages are viewable by the visitors and maintains the scenic landscape by reducing sign pollution.

Maximizing the Mall Layout: By analyzing data on where people tend to congregate, the NPS can identify opportunities for concession sales and emergency medical services, as well as attractions that could be made more kid-friendly.

Ensuring Crowd Control: BriefCam’s proximity detection and crowd density capabilities can help the NPS monitor crowding patterns and hotspot areas to help manage crowd sizes. They can even set a custom threshold for crowds and receive real-time alerts when occupancy limits are exceeded. This will be especially crucial until the pandemic has passed.

Locating Lost Children: BriefCam’s rapid video review capabilities provide high-powered technology to help the NPS reunite parents with their lost children.

“BriefCam is thrilled to collaborate with Convergint and other industry leaders to deliver innovative technology solutions for the National Mall and surrounding monuments,” said Seva Liokumovich, BriefCam’s Director of Strategic Technical Solutions. “We look forward to continuing our collaboration and helping to provide a memorable, engaging, and safe experience for the thousands of people who visit annually.”

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