Caldwell County, TX using new technology platform to lead to more productive policing of citizens

New Tool Reimagines Law Enforcement while Delivering Reform through Innovative High-Tech Solutions

HOUSTON, Texas – The efficacy of officers and overcrowding jails have become hot topics in the field of law enforcement right now. Cities have begun to seek technological solutions to reduce costs associated with arrests related to warrant's for minor offenses. Now, a recent announcement of the approval of a pilot program to deploy Houston, Texas-based CIVICTEC's suite of integrated mobile technology applications in Caldwell County, TX is looking to solve those issues.

CIVICTEC is a technology development company dedicated to creating efficient processes and driving compliance, while enhancing community relationships and safety for law enforcement agencies. The backbone of the company’s technology is the patent-pending Compliance Assurance Platform, which utilizes a battle-tested architecture that is infinitely scalable. The company’s vision is to update any patrol vehicles' technology with a mobile handheld computer loaded with its suite of mobile applications that serve to update policing protocols. This is accomplished while also offering a pricing model that redirects current costs to finance the solution in a budget neutral manner leaving no jurisdiction behind.

"Many people are under the assumption that law enforcement agencies are synched with one another, such as having access to similar in-vehicle technologies enabling interlocal cooperation, or utilizing universal policing protocols and sharing offender data related to minor offense warrants. that is simply not the case," said CIVICTEC Founder/CEO Stuart Tillman. "The noise regarding law enforcement reform are for very dramatic changes. However, at least from a technology perspective, there remains low-hanging fruit, that if fully implemented, would have significant positive impacts on officers' productivity while also resulting in better citizen experiences. That's where our technology comes in."

Tillman said that CIVICTEC's applications can save municipalities thousands of dollars while helping to increase officer efficiency and department revenue, in addition to helping to keep police accountable for their actions. Over the last four years, the company has invested significant resources in collaboration with law enforcement agencies to design a mobile technology platform that addresses the most fundamental policing activities. Fine-only misdemeanor offenses account for 85% of first responder enforcement activities, and by some estimates, have resulted in approximately $50 billion in uncollected fines nationally. "It may surprise most to learn that this information is not consolidated and therefore cannot be shared across jurisdictional boundaries and amongst adjacent law enforcement agencies," Tillman said.

CIVICTEC's big picture includes several main components: Greater visibility as to the person the officer is approaching, resulting in safer policing; fewer arrests and more productive policing; greater interlocal cooperation amongst law enforcement agencies which should result in an implementation of universal policing and judicial enforcement protocols related to fine-only misdemeanor warrants; and complete capture of racial profiling data per stop to result in automated individual officer and overall department racial profiling visibility in a way of "policing" the police themselves.

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