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Operative IQ assists first responders with operational readiness during COVID-19

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AUSTELL, Ga. -- Optimizing its inventory and asset management solutions, Operative IQ helps first responders manage inventory levels, forecast supply usage and verify assets accurately in real-time amidst the Coronavirus Pandemic.

In its latest release, Operative IQ has added status board functionality to all accounts providing access to real-time supply levels and live status updates as the data scrolls across a computer/mobile screen, monitor or TV. Detailed views into this data is available through Operative IQ’s robust report library where EMS management can track the quantity of available inventory, expiration dates, supply usage and trends with accuracy. As front-line crews navigate this uncertain time, reports can show how much of which supplies each unit is using and the frequency of use. Crews electronically capture custom rig checks, inventory counts, restock requests, PPE equipment and even log supplies used on calls.

Usage data is one of the many factors that Operative IQ’s Manage Inventory Levels tool uses to calculate ideal stocking quantity for each item in any given supply room. This tool analyzes average weekly usage along with the variability in demand for each item to calculate suggested par and reorder points for accurate order forecasting. Contributing factors include service level (safety stock required to maintain operation stock outs), demand data (frequency of item use in your operation), total impact, seasonality, order lead time and more. With increased national supply demand and longer order lead times, this tool can help agencies forecast supply needs to stay ahead of the ordering curve.

Periodic cycle-counting is an important part of inventory management as it reconciles supply room on-hand inventory counts. Operative IQ’s RFID tracking automates this manual process to save time and improve accuracy. RFID handheld and fixed readers capture live inventory counts and expiration dates within minutes allowing logistics to restock needed supplies at outlying stations and keep them ready for service.

With ideal stock levels established and actual on-hand inventory counted, Operative IQ suggests items needed for restock. A purchase order or requisition for needed supplies is easily generated for review, approval and submission to suppliers. POs can be emailed or sent electronically to integrated suppliers including: Bound Tree Medical, Life-Assist, Moore Medical, McKesson Medical, Medline, Office Depot, and Grainger. Once delivered, items can be received against POs to update stock levels and PO Status.

RFID technology can also be used to ensure crews have the assets they need on their units. Operative IQ’s handheld RFID reader automates the verification of assigned assets on each unit within minutes through a quick scan of the truck. Almost immediately, crews will know if an asset is missing and crews can inspect assets and create repair requests if an issue is noticed. This work order is sent directly to management for streamlined communication and resolution.

EMS Technology Solutions offers cutting edge, affordable operations management software and products designed with First Responders in mind. Operative IQ Operations Management Software offers modules that include: Inventory Management & Asset Management, Integrated Purchasing, Fleet Maintenance, Service Desk Ticketing System and RFID Tracking. EMS Technology Solutions has won four consecutive EMS World Top Innovation Awards for its operations management software.