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PlanIt Schedule launches new editor and warning tool to reduce staffing errors

LANCASTER, Pa., - PlanIt Schedule is constantly working to improve their public safety personnel scheduling software. They collect feedback from their clients, evaluate it, and implement it. Their most recent release included two new features: The Day Editor and the Warnings system.


The first feature is what they call the Day Editor. It allows administrators to look at one day at a time and easily see if and where there are staffing shortages, overage or conflicts. They are able to make adjustments from this screen like changing employees shift times, adding someone to the schedule, taking someone off the schedule, etc.

At this time there are three views within the day editor. Administrators are able to view the Day Editor by individual employee, by unit, or by job type. Previously, users could make edits to the schedule on the Calendar Editor. This tool did not provide as focused of a view and did not drill down to the details and warnings like the Day Editor now does.

The second feature released is called Warnings. It closely relates to the Day Editor and makes it simple to search and identify any errors/checks you have set. In PlanIt Schedule users can set the system up to warn them of things like when an employees’ shifts overlap or when their rest period between shifts is too short. It can also warn administrators if someone is scheduled too many hours or not enough hours.

Once these parameters are set in the system, it will identify any time there is an issue. This minimizes staffing errors made when creating new schedules and when adjusting existing schedules.

About PlanIt Schedule: With over 15 years of experience, the PlanIt team takes pride in their expertise with public safety scheduling. They provide a robust yet easy-to-use personnel scheduling system for law enforcement, EMS, fire and dispatch agencies. To learn more please visit