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Allen BombTec™ ‘Defender’ Represents Step-Change in EOD/IEDD Remotely Operated Vehicles

PW Allen Inc, manufacturer of specialized security equipment, is launching ‘Defender’, an environmentally sealed Remotely Operated Vehicle that can be configured with specific sensors for various EOD and IEDD tasks including those involving potentially chemical, biological or radiological (CBR) devices.

Defender has a distributed architecture with a digital bi-directional control system, so bomb technicians can use various networked sensors, such as a chemical agent detector and a stethoscope, simultaneously. This design also provides significant stretch potential allowing advancements in sensor technology to be easily integrated into Defender’s capabilities.

Operators simply ‘plug and play’ the robot, driving it with spread spectrum radio frequency telemetry from a PC-based control console at the incident control point. Defender has up to five cameras, and the user can view multiple images on screen or switch between them.

The titanium construction means the robot is durable, lightweight and agile. Being environmentally sealed it can withstand frequent and vigorous CBR wash down, extending its life-span in the event of contamination. The torsion limited articulating back axle enables Defender to climb kerbs, steps or stairs and cross debris. Its hydraulic manipulator has a lifting capacity of up to 175lbs (80kgs).

“Threat analyses clearly indicate an increased probability of bomb technicians encountering ‘dirty’ devices,” said PW Allen Inc president Jonathan Chapple. “Defender is fully

CBR-proof and has been developed to respond to the evolving needs of the end-user and escalating terrorist sophistication.

“The robot is the product of extensive design programmes, drawing on 30 years of experience. We expect it to be used primarily for IEDD work initially, before rolling out into conventional munitions disposal,” he concluded.

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