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Free Webinar for Public Safety Organizations on Drone Use

On Thursday January 28th at 11:30am PT, 3DR is holding a webinar with Marty Herrin from Williamson County Hazmat and John Buell, of the Peace Office, Central Texas, about how drones are being used for public safety.

What You’re Going To Learn
  • Relevant fire, first-responder and search and rescue applications
  • How drone technology can enhance your existing toolkit and techniques
  • How “sensors in the sky” can make your teams more responsive and effective

Drones are an invaluable new tool for public safety organizations — and quite literally priceless. Not only can drones gather accurate and critical data quickly, easily and readily —information often prohibitively expensive, unreliable or slow to capture — but they can also do it areas and scenarios that pose existential dangers to first responders and other public safety servants. Instead of suiting people up to carry atmospheric sensors into a hot zone, you can get the same information from a drone — and more of it. Drones hold tremendous potential for public servants: firefighters; EMTs; disaster response; and search and rescue teams. An eye in the sky can, without endangering personnel, help scout fires, disasters and other dangerous scenarios, stop police ambushes, quickly and comprehensively scan and search accident, disaster zones and crime scenes, even pick up heat signatures.

Attendance for the webinar is limited, signup for more information and to confirm attendance!