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Mission Critical Partners creates interactive virtual workforce workshop

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The workshop will be held over a four-week period, with sessions every Tuesday starting on May 23.

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Event will help public-safety organizations cope with workforce issues through open forums, exercises, activities, and self-assessments

STATE COLLEGE, Pa. — Mission Critical Partners (MCP) announced today a new virtual workshop series that is designed to help public-safety organizations take decisive action to resolve workforce issues that, in many instances, have reached the crisis stage. The workshop will be held over a four-week period, with sessions every Tuesday starting on May 23.

Among the significant issues that are affecting public safety organizations are the following:

  • Complex recruitment and hiring processes that take too long to execute
  • Inability to leverage nontraditional recruitment channels
  • Inability to compete with private-sector organizations in terms of candidate compensation
  • Lack of support from the organization’s human resources team
  • Lack of adequate training, support, and career-development programs designed to retain personnel

The workshop will provide participants with effective and realistic strategies and tactics for resolving these issues and more. Over the course of four weeks, participants will discover how to modernize and accelerate their recruitment and hiring processes, improve employee retention through better training and personnel engagement, and create an environment for growth. Sessions specifically will explore:

  • How to better understand today’s recruiting-and-hiring environment, particularly private-sector competition.
  • How to partner with internal and external human resources professionals to streamline recruiting and hiring processes and timelines.
  • How to leverage nontraditional recruitment channels, e.g., social media, job fairs, recruitment websites, and tie-ins with colleges and high schools

A critical aspect of the workforce workshop is that it will be highly interactive for participants. Each session will not be a static presentation but rather an open-forum panel discussion that will provide participants with ample opportunities to ask questions and participate in the discussion.

Each session will also feature exercises, activities, and poll questions designed to give participants the knowledge they need to develop strategies and tactics that align with their unique workforce environment. For example, each participant will be given an opportunity to self-assess their operational situation during each session. A planned “mind map” exercise will help participants learn how to prioritize the issues that have the greatest impact on their organizations and the best approaches for resolving them.

“Participants will be encouraged to share what they’re currently doing to resolve their workforce issues so that the subject-matter experts leading each session can assess what is working, what isn’t, and what adjustments might be made,” said John Chiaramonte, MCP president of consulting services. “They’ll get instant feedback and insights from the experiences of our experts.”

Chiaramonte added that the workshop environment will be a supportive and collaborative environment. “We want all workshop participants to feel comfortable sharing their insights and experiences, because everyone is going through similar workforce challenges right now,” Chiaramonte said.

Finally, all those who register will be given the opportunity to participate in an optional 30-minute consultation with MCP subject-matter experts, who will leverage the firm’s proprietary Model for Advancing Public Safety (MAPS) methodology to offer a mini-assessment of the organization’s workforce environment. MAPS is based on the collective knowledge of MCP’s 200-plus subject-matter experts, industry standards, and best practices.

Interested participants can learn more about the workshop sessions and register here.