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RapidDeploy Announces Lightning Partner Program to Create End-to-End Cloud Public Safety Ecosystem

RapidDeploy, the leader in Cloud Aided Dispatch software for emergency communications centers, announces the launch of its Lightning Partner Program. The Program creates an integrated end-to-end ecosystem of visionary technology partners who believe in democratizing public safety utilizing cloud native technology. The solutions, integrated across Microsoft’s Azure Government cloud, will provide a comprehensive platform for public safety agencies.

Lightning Partners share RapidDeploy’s vision of secure, modern interfaces that are easy to deploy and affordable to Public Safety agencies of all sizes. We are pleased to announce the first four Lightning Partners focused on enabling the mobile digital transformation for law enforcement response, situational awareness, evidence and records management: GeoComm, Getac Video Solutions, Optimum Technology, and Orion Labs.

RapidDeploy is committed to eliminating data silos and following open interface standards in order to enable the best possible user experience for public safety agencies. “Our Lightning Partners represent a long-term commitment to open collaboration on truly innovative solutions that will save lives and enable the digital transformation of public safety,” said Steven Raucher, CEO and Co-Founder of RapidDeploy, “We are creating seamless interoperability with secure, best-in-class cloud technology integrations.”

RapidDeploy and its Lightning Partners are driving solutions that ensure safer first responders and communities. By all of these companies deploying on Azure Government, they seamlessly build in security and compliance standards that resiliently support the entire public safety ecosystem,” said Richard Zak, director, Justice & Public Safety Solutions at Microsoft Corp

“Samsung mobile devices and solutions, such as Samsung DeX in Vehicle, are built to enable our partners with unique customization capabilities while also ensuring defense-grade security when connecting with secure cloud systems,” said Reginald Jones, Head of Public Sector at Samsung Electronics America, “Initiatives like RapidDeploy’s Lightning Partner program speak to a common goal to deliver first responders secure mobile end points that enhance real time information sharing, increase mobility, and deliver flexibly to meet the growing needs of their digital tools.”

GIS Data Hosting - GeoComm
GeoComm is excited to partner with the leading cloud-based CAD solutions provider in RapidDeploy on our shared mission to provide highly available, secure 9-1-1 GIS hosting solutions to improve emergency response,” said John Bryant, GeoComm President & CEO.

Body worn cameras & in-car video systems – Getac Video Solutions
Getac Video Solutions’ body cameras, in car video systems and software solutions provide customers unified and secure access to field evidence data including live streaming, allowing instantaneous situational awareness with Getac Real Time Command utilizing Microsoft IoT Edge and Azure Government cloud,” said Tom Guzik, President of Getac Video Solutions Inc. “The Lightning interactions will allow Getac Video customers to have connected and rich data quickly and efficiently.

Law Enforcement Records Management System– Optimum
As CAD and RMS partners, Optimum Technology and RapidDeploy offer an integrated solution with a shared vision for the future of law enforcement technology,” said Melissa Winesburg, Director of Law Enforcement at Optimum Technology.

AI-Enabled Push-To-Talk - Orion Labs
As the leading voice services platform, Orion integrates with RapidDeploy’s cloud dispatch system to enable heads-up and real-time access to data from the RapidDeploy system,” said Greg Albrecht, CTO of Orion Labs. “RapidDeploy’s Lightning Partner program gives users in the field the critical resources they need to get the job done with minimal distractions.

Public Safety technology companies interested in becoming a Lightning Partner are invited to contact Todd Komanetsky, RapidDeploy’s Director of Platform Partnerships, at Public Safety agencies interested in learning more are encouraged to meet the RapidDeploy team at booth #2426 of the IACP Conference in Chicago.

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