Tiburon Advances Interoperability for Public Safety Agencies with TiburonCONNECT

Technology Platform Utilizes Industry Open Standards and Empowers Integration and Interoperability Among Public Service Agencies

Pleasanton, CA — Interoperability among public safety agencies’ technologies, third-party software, core applications and legacy systems is critical to efficient public safety operations. TiburonCONNECT, a technology solution under development by Tiburon, Inc., enables truly integrated public safety operations through automatic and controlled communications, delivering greater interoperability for agencies.

Built on a web services architecture, TiburonCONNECT is an interoperability platform based on event-driven, service-oriented architecture that connects disparate information systems. TiburonCONNECT uses the National Information Exchange Model (NIEM) and meets Global Justice Information Sharing Initiative Justice Reference Architecture (JRA) standards.

NIEM is an interagency initiative developed by the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) as a foundation for seamless information exchange. By adhering to NIEM and JRA standards, TiburonCONNECT helps public safety agencies share real-time information to keep their officers and the communities they serve safe without the need to rebuild or change existing technology systems.

“Interoperability is one of the biggest challenges facing public safety agencies yet it is essential to help ensure productive day-to-day and emergency operations,” said Ian Archbell, vice president, marketing and product management of Tiburon. “In response to interoperability and integration requirements, TiburonCONNECT helps agencies establish a stronger link between different applications and systems to achieve quicker decision-making and enhanced situational awareness during operations.”

TiburonCONNECT delivers considerable benefits for public safety agencies, including:

· Lowers risk of product obsolescence with an interoperability platform built on a service oriented architecture (SOA) that supports new and existing Tiburon systems and maximizes third-party and legacy system investments

Replicable adapter model facilitates seamless integration without requiring additional budget for lengthy, customized integrations

Reduces administrative cost and effort by enabling all systems to automatically capture and preserve critical system interactions in the event of official audits or other inquiries

Lowers operating costs by providing in-house IT support access to an intuitive, web-based maintenance and management administrative dashboard that proactively communicates system-related health issues, reduces trouble ticket inquiries and expedites problem resolution

“We are currently beta-testing TiburonCONNECT with customers and it is already proven to be very effective as a best-practices approach to interoperability that meets NIEM, JRA and other important justice and public safety industry standards. Our solution is a significant advancement in public safety communications giving agencies full interoperability across all jurisdictions and technologies,” Archbell said.

TiburonCONNECT will be available during the first quarter of 2010. The platform infrastructure provides vital features for public safety agencies, including:

· Service and adapter model enables rapid integration of a variety of systems

Web-based administrative dashboard – Easy-to-use administrative portal for system monitoring and diagnostics

Distributed service hosting – Services can be hosted on any machine in the network with a lightweight plug-and-play service host

Security – Best-practice security addressing authentication, authorization, confidentiality and integrity of messages achieved using Active Directory and X.509 certificates

Auditing – A multi-level distributed audit trail can be configured to enable logging of all critical system interactions

About Tiburon
Established in 1980, Tiburon is the industry-leading provider of automated public safety and security solutions to meet the demanding and complex needs of law enforcement, fire and rescue and corrections agencies. Tiburon offers fully integrated solutions including computer aided dispatch, records management, mobile data and communications, field reporting and corrections management solutions. From mission-critical conditions to daily operations, across complex multi-agency and multi-jurisdictional environments, Tiburon’s integrated solutions have set the industry standard for capability, scalability and reliability for more than 29 years. For more information, visit or call 800-428-5534.

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