Pleasant Hill PD Brings Technology to the Frontline

Officers access intranet for maps and stats

Pleasant Hill, CA — In a broad move to enhance technology tools for frontline officers, the Pleasant Hill Police Department gave officers a new intranet product recently. CPS Map-Net, a GIS software for law enforcement, delivers state of the art mapping and analyses to every desktop for department-wide awareness and understanding of management actions, and improved law enforcement.

“Police work is fast-paced,” notes Chief Peter Dunbar. “This kind of high intensity environment requires a collaborative culture where officers are fully aware of the data, patterns, trends, and analyses. CPS Map-Net makes this happen.” Chief Dunbar further states, “I know the value of using GIS with crime data. It’s immediate and visual. When decisions are handed down by management, our officers are fully equipped with the knowledge they need to act proactively and strategically. Our department as a whole functions more cohesively.”

CPS Map-Net , a product of Stockton-based CPS Solutions, works in tandem with the company’s flagship product CPS Map to provide intranet access for all officers. The product dynamically displays crime data and gives officers a speedy look at crime activity on their beats. Plus, officers can view all data records, and use geocoding tools for enhanced mapping capabilities, even when an exact address match is unavailable. With CPS Map-Net, officers see the same information as crime analysts and managers, therefore gaining a first hand understanding of deployment strategies and resource decisions.

Information System Coordinator Donna Harper says, “I love working with CPS Solutions. I think their product is great, easy to use, and trouble free, especially with regard to product implementation. For our officers, they find that CPS Map-Net is intuitive” she reports.

The Pleasant HIll Police Department, founded in 1970, thrives today serving more than 32,000 citizens. A full-service law enforcement agency, the Pleasant Hill Police Department is committed to safeguarding individual liberties, building community partnerships, preventing crime and successfully resolving issues. Their emphasis on technology assures officers and citizens of the department’s forward-thinking and proactive approach to safety.

CPS Solutions, a software development company in Stockton, California, was established in 2001 to facilitate community safety with technology products, including crime mapping, data management and law enforcement strategic analysis opportunities. Visit or call (209) 479-5477 for more information.

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