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Spotlight: Collective Data provides high-end asset management software that has supported private companies and government agencies for over 20 years.

Our signature products: collectiveFleet® and collectiveQuartermaster® are used by hundreds of medium and large organizations that value intuitive and productive software.

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Company Name: Collective Data

1.Where did your company name originate from?

The name Collective Data came from the original software built in 1997, where businesses could easily view all of the company’s data in one easy-to-read system. For CollectiveQuartermaster, we chose this name to keep on brand with CollectiveData, but we wanted our law enforcement system to be easily recognizable within the law enforcment community as it is typically a department’s quartermaster who utilizes our software the most.

2. What was the inspiration behind starting your company?

While we already had CollectiveFleet in place, The law enforcement community approached us with a need to manage their inventory, asset and processes, because there wasn’t a system made specifically for law enforcement. We worked closely with special agents to develop software that fit their needs and was designed specifically for police and sheriffs.

3. What is your signature product and how does it work?

We have two signature products – CollectiveQuartermaster and CollectiveFleet

- CollectiveQuartermaster is an inventory management software that allows law enforcement organizations to ditch spreadsheets and use software to track inventory and officer certifications and training. This makes it easy to track items from requests to retirement and know who has what, when it is due back and how many of each item are in stock.

- CollectiveFleet includes all of the capabilities of CollectiveQuartermaster, but also tracks fleet maintenance, work orders, etc.

4. Why do you believe your products are essential to your vertical (Police, Fire, EMS, Corrections, Government) community?

Record keeping is critical for law enforcement and other governmental agencies to quickly pull information and assess meaningful information. With Collective Data, all of this information is kept in one place with easy to access reports.

5. What has been the biggest challenge your company has faced?

We have a very niche solution so when we deal with anyone who has spreadsheets or an old system, we are a no brainer solution, but we have struggled with getting our name heavily out into the industry.

6. What makes your company unique?

We are the only inventory management software designed specifically for law enforcement

7. What do your customers like best about you and your products?

Our law enforcement clients love that CollectiveQuartermaster was built specifically for law enforcement and they can feel that when they use the product.

8. What is the most rewarding part of serving the first responder/local government community?

Leaving them in a better spot than where they were at before by bringing them to the 21st centry and allow them to go back to doing what they do best which is saving lives, rather than spending time tracking their inventory on daunting spreadsheets.

9. Do you support any charitable organizations within public safety/community? Tell us more.


10. Is there any fun fact or trivia that you’d like to share with our users about you or your company?

Collective Data just celebrated our 25th anniversary

11. What’s next for your company? Any upcoming new projects or initiatives?

We are constantly expanding our software to bring more functionality to

Our goal is to be the central hub for any size department that have assets, training, HR, records, etc. So all aspects of the business can utilize Collective Data.