Mobile Multimedia Evidence Training Lab Hosted by Ventura County District Attorney

November 18-21, 2008

Forensic Video Analysis (101) dTective/Avid - (4 day) - Course Outline

Class Size:
10 Students/10 Systems - 1 system per student.

Ocean Systems Mobile Multimedia Evidence Lab

The learning environment consists of lectures and hands-on exercises designed to allow the analyst to become familiar with the dTective system while working on real cases. On completion of your Ocean Systems training you will receive a certificate showing you were properly trained by the system vendor using the most current dTective software and forensic analysis workflows.

Class Location:
Ventura Hall of Justice Government Center
800 South Victoria Avenue
Ventura, California, 93009

Local Contact In California
Paula Miller
Phone 805-654-2512

Order/Registration Contact: Ocean Systems 800-253-7516

Hotel, Airport, Directions, etc

About Forensic Video Mobile Training Lab
Our new mobile training lab consists of 10 high-performance systems configured with our latest software and hardware. Ocean Systems will be offering all their training courses remotely with the Mobile Multimedia Evidence Training Lab while maintaining the largest frequency of classes at our Maryland training facility.

These courses include:
Introduction to Forensic Video Analysis
Intermediate/Refresher Video Analysis Course
Digital Image Analysis
and custom training designed to a departments specific needs.

Class Size:
10 Students - 1 system per student.

Since August 2000, Ocean Systems has successfully trained over 1000 students in law enforcement video enhancement techniques. Proper forensic video analysis training is as important as having the proper forensic video enhancement tools, so we provide you with 4 days of forensic video analysis training with the acquisition of your dTective® forensic video clarification system. Once you have completed our Certified Vendor Training, we encourage you to consider the LEVA Forensic Certification Program.

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