Ocean Systems Omnivore v2.0 with Active Auto Sync™ Audio Capture Support

Omnivore v2.0 Active Audio Sync ™ allows investigators the ability to capture and playback low or changing frame rate video that includes audio, while keeping the audio in sync, one of the many new features in the v2.0 release.

Burtonsville, M.D. – Ocean Systems is pleased to announce the release of Omnivore v2.0 with Active Audio Sync™ (AAS). Omnivore Active Audio Sync™, new in v2.0, is a first of its kind technology designed specifically to help investigators collect and process low frame rate video that has associated audio. With this latest update, your video and audio remain in sync and play back at the proper speed even if you have low frame or changing frame rate video.

New features included in Omnivore 2.0:

• New .OMVA file format for audio captures
• Export options added for JPEG MOV & audio export to .WAV
• File auto naming options added: Append numerically & Save As
• Both the Omnivore previewer and viewer have been redesigned with updated buttons and features
• Interface improvements throughout
• Redesigned Capture Report - Updated formatting & grouping of information
• New Virtual Keyboard and shortcut functions added
• New Field Kit Viewer that works in conjunction with the new Omnivore Field Kit.

Omnivore™ is a portable 32 gigabyte thumb drive with specialized forensic video and image capture software that runs directly from the drive without the need to install and unlock the software on a local computer. Omnivore’s portability enables investigators the flexibility to use its tools where they are needed most without the need to install and register the capture software. Some investigators take Omnivore to a crime scene and capture the video evidence directly from the system that recorded it while others, as in the 2011 Vancouver riot investigation, collect and process their evidence back at the lab.

The Omnivore™ assists investigators with video processing by providing smart tools such as “video optimization” - a feature that samples the original video’s frame rate and screen size and then adjusts the video-capture settings so the video is captured properly without dropping frames. Once captured, the video can be saved and viewed in a standardized, uncompressed format such as QuickTime or AVI for future processing. Or you can export the video to low frame size distribution formats such as .WMV or compressed QT files.

With each capture, Omnivore™ generates a report that documents important information and statistics regarding the capture session. Once the capture is complete, it can instantly be shared using the freely distributable Omnivore Viewer™ that read the native uncompressed Omnivore files. This allows investigators additional options to share with appropriate parties or to perform additional clarification and analysis using Ocean Systems ClearID™ Image Clarification or our forensic video analysis, evidence presentation and archiving tools available in our full dTective® suite.

Availability and Pricing
The Law Enforcement price of the Omnivore™ is $495 USD for a single unit with volume discounts available for multiple unit and government discounts available.

About Ocean Systems
Since 1999, Ocean Systems has been providing multi-media evidence clarification and case management systems to law enforcement. Since then, dTective® has become an industry standard and the system of choice of over 1,800 Local, State and Federal Law Enforcement Agencies in the US and around the world.

Ocean Systems dTective® solutions are listed on (GSA) Schedule; contract number GS-35F-0638J.
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