CMC Government Supply Proud To Offer EOTech’s LWTS Light Weapon Thermal Sight

CMC Government Supply is proud to offer EOTech’s LWTS Light Weapon Thermal Sight. This is a military grade thermal sight which is now available to U.S. certified citizens.

L-3 Insight’s Light Weight Weapon Sight (LWTS) is a handheld and weapon mounted thermal weapon sight. Detect infrared (heat) waves and view your targets day or night through rain, smoke, haze, light fog and total darkness. Employing DRS uncooled Vanadium Oxide detector technology, the LWTS uses an advanced 17-micron pitch focal plane array to produce a large image with a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels in a small package. Designed for use with the Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight (ACOG) and the Close Combat Optic (CCO) sight, the LWTS can be easily clipped onto a weapon in front of the standard day optic. It can also be used stand-alone. The 4 Integrated Ballistic Weapon Reticles are boresightable to better than 1 MOA.

Amazingly, it weighs just 1.85 pounds and measures 6.7 x 3.6 x 3.9 inches. With 4 AAA Lithium batteries, use the sight for up to 10 hours straight. In addition, the sight offers a 14.7° horizontal field of view and incorporates a 2X digital zoom. The focus range is 3 meters to infinity. The LWTS operates on the RS-170 standard with real-time video in/out connectivity that allows for remote viewing.

The high-resolution display, combined with state of the art image processing and electronics provide exceptional imagery and long mission run times on a single battery load. It is thermal imaging at its best.

The LWTS is a military grade thermal sight that is now being offered to U.S. Citizens. For more information on EOTech’s LWTS Thermal Weapon Sight, visit

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