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Lexipol introduces inventory management tool for law enforcement

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New Inventory Manager will complement PoliceOne Academy and Corrections1 Academy online learning subscriptions.

DALLAS — Lexipol, the leading content, policy and training platform for public safety and local government, recently announced the introduction of its automated Inventory Manager for law enforcement agencies and corrections facilities. Inventory Manager is an easy-to-use, affordable system that allows agencies to efficiently track items and equipment assigned to officers and personnel.

Agencies issue thousands of pieces of equipment each year such as uniforms, weapons and body armor. Without proper controls, equipment can fall into the wrong hands, creating liability for agencies. And lost, expired or unaccounted for equipment leads to waste. Lexipol’s Inventory Manager tool aims to limit extraneous costs and risk, while increasing efficiency for officers, personnel and agency leadership.

Offered as an add-on feature through Lexipol’s PoliceOne Academy and Corrections1 Academy online training programs, Inventory Manager includes the ability to electronically acquire, issue, return and dispose of inventory items easily. The Lexipol team helps with initial setup and inventory upload into the system to allow agencies to begin operating quickly. Within Inventory Manager, administrators can track item expiration and SKU item activity, while personnel can easily view the items issued to them, increasing personal responsibility for the equipment.

“We are excited to add the Inventory Manager to our learning management system,” said Lexipol Chief Revenue Officer Chuck Corbin. “Inefficient inventory tracking systems have been a source of high costs and liability for agencies and we’re pleased to provide a simple, cost-effective solution within a platform that’s intuitive for personnel and administrators.”

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