Get a gas mask — and then train

Let me preface this by saying (as emphatically as I possibly can) that the following is not a knock on Aurora PD, its heroic officers, or anybody else.  It’s merely one of the dozen or so observations that came to mind as I was listening to the sixteen-and-a-half minute long audio tape of the response to the Aurora (Colo.) massacre.

Among those observations were:

I hope that dispatcher is in attendance at APCO in Minneapolis next month, because I want to shake her hand
I believe that Lincoln 25 is one of those Lieutenants whose composure and leadership is appreciated by his troops
I must find a way to fly to Aurora and personally thank every single one of those responding officers for their valor

We Have to Fix This
I also had a thought after hearing the transmission, “Get us some damned gas masks for theater nine — we can’t get in!”

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