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Introducing the Alternative® - Next Generation Less Lethal Technology

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LAS VEGAS — Alternative Ballistics Corporation (“ABC” or the “Company”) will be introducing its innovative less lethal technology, known as The Alternative®, at the 2023 SHOT Show being held January 17-20 in Las Vegas, NV. The Company will be exhibiting in Booth# 62509 at The Venetian. The ABC team is comprised of law enforcement professionals from the North Las Vegas Police Department, including Chief of Police Alex Perez (Ret.) as Strategic LE Consultant, Detective Tony Lettieri (Ret.) as Director of Training, and Detective Sean Sprague (Ret.) as Lead Trainer.

The Company successfully completed extensive rounds of industry recognized standard test methods and has recently begun introducing its product to domestic and international law enforcement markets. During the week of the SHOT Show, ABC’s law enforcement team will be conducting live demonstrations for official representatives of law enforcement agencies at the Las Vegas Shooting Center, a well-known local gun range, located at 5155 Dean Martin Drive just a few minutes from the Strip.

Alternative Ballistics welcomes interested parties to stop by the Company booth during the show to meet the team or reach out via the Company website ‘Contact Us’ to sign up for the live demonstration on a day and time to be announced later. Please stay tuned for additional updates as we get closer to the show and visit to learn more.

About Alternative Ballistics Corporation:

Alternative Ballistics Corp. provides a less lethal force product to the law enforcement industry known as The Alternative® which serves as a de-escalation tool for certain types of potentially lethal situations encountered by public safety officers in the line of duty. The device is a direct-fire, impact munition that is comprised of two parts, a docking unit and a special alloy projectile. The Alternative® attaches to an officer’s service weapon and upon firing, the bullet welds securely inside the projectile and is propelled by kinetic energy downrange as one single system traveling at 20% the velocity of a standard round with non-penetrating energy.

Contact Info:

Alternative Ballistics Corporation

5940 S. Rainbow Blvd

Las Vegas, NV 89118

(619) 326-4411