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Maximum Comfort with a Clean, Uniform Look

It’s not easy for officers to maintain a clean, Class A uniform look while carrying the ever-growing list of
required items. To help officers hold onto everything, some departments wear molle external vests, but they tend to receive a negative view for looking “too militaristic” and “too tactical” in the eyes of the public.
There is a simple solution however that maximizes an officers’ comfort and still gives them a uniform look:
custom, tailor-made load bearing vests with matching sewn on pouches.

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BlueStone Safety Products’ custom load bearing vest carriers are completely made from scratch, starting from the roll of material and finishing with a completely custom-fit LBV. These vests blend in with the officers’ uniform shirt and have pouches made out of the exact same material as the vest; This gives each officer a uniform look while maintaining all the health benefits BlueStone load bearing vests are known for (reducing back pain, sciatic pain, heat exhaustion, and heat rash). Moving heavy items from the officers duty belt on to their load bearing vest helps relieve the strain on their backs and makes them more comfortable during each shift, maximizing their comfort.

Each BlueStone LBV is proudly made in the USA, and can be customized for officers to choose the pouch locations for each of their items (handcuffs, magazines, flashlights, OC, taser, tourniquet, magazines, etc). As an added touch, each pouch is custom made to fit the specific model of items you have (custom pouches made to fit MK-3 OC pouches, Streamlight Strion flashlights, etc). These LBVs are custom made to the Chief or Sheriff’s exact specifications and needs, providing officers with superior comfort while maintaining a Class A uniform look.

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