RaySecur expands EODSecur service to provide expertise from former narcotics agents

Law Enforcement Background Will Provide Real-world Expertise for Threat Verification and Resolution

CAMBRIDGE, Mass – RaySecur ® , the leading provider of desktop T-ray security imaging scanners, has announced that the company is broadening its EODSecur TM service by bringing on former narcotics agents who are skilled in illicit drug detection, remediation, and education. With the global rise of mail-based threats, of which white-powder substances and drug-infused papers drive a large percentage, RaySecur can now provide customers with not only highly accurate detection capabilities with its MailSecur scanner, but also deeper insights and expert guidance on how to plan for, prevent, and safely address threats of this nature.

“We’re thrilled to have law enforcement experts of this caliber as part of our EODSecur team. These additions are critical to addressing the growing risks posed by chemical, biological, and narcotic substances, as well as hoaxes sent in the mail,” stated Will Plummer, CSO at RaySecur. “Bad actors continue to demonstrate, and our research validates, the level of damage and disruption even the smallest amount of powder can cause, with the widespread availability of fentanyl and even more harmful substances of increasing concern. Having served their law enforcement days in the trenches of narcotics enforcement, they have the firsthand experience and background essential for this work.”

The EODSecur team is an integral part of RaySecur’s five-pillar approach to enterprise-wide mail security. The EODSecur team partners with customers to conduct security risk assessments, collaborate on standard operating procedures (SOP), implement the MailSecur T-ray scanner, as well as provide continuous training and threat resolution 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Some of the world’s largest companies have implemented SOPs developed by RaySecur, based on best-in-class U.S. and U.K. government standards, to strengthen and standardize their mail screening operations. SOP implementation is supported by RaySecur’s online mail security learning platform. The EODSecur service delivers additional onsite and remote training, tailored to each organization, and certifies end-users in mail screening and threat detection.

The on-demand EODSecur specialists, available 24 x365, can view scanned images and videos of objects for expert analysis in real-time. Mail handlers can contact the EODSecur team by various methods, including direct dial, through the MailSecur scanner, or using a mobile application.

EODSecur team leaders and RaySecur advisors bring a wealth of unique and deep security expertise in the government and corporate spheres, which have shaped these best-in-class services. Chief Security Officer William Plummer served over 25 years in the U.S. Army, commanded multiple special operation units, served as EOD Master Instructor, and directed VIP security support for U.S. Presidents. All members of the EODSecur team have held high-priority roles in U.S. Federal and state government, including with the U.S. Postal Inspection Service, the U.S. military, and now also in law enforcement and narcotics.

The company’s board of advisors includes Mark Sullivan, former Head of the U.S. Secret Service, Mike Howard, former Chief Security Officer of Microsoft, Edward Davis, former Police Commissioner of the City of Boston, and Jack Sullivan, CSO of Boston Scientific.

All of this gives RaySecur a unique perspective and expertise in enterprise mail and physical goods security. Attendees of the upcoming GSX 2022 Conference can hear first-hand from RaySecur and an industry security leader panel discussion on “Threat Impacts, Risk Analysis and Mitigation Approaches to Securing the Enterprise.” During this informative session, Alex Sappok CEO of RaySecur, Mark Sullivan, Edward Davis, and Charles Randolph, the Executive Director of Strategic Intelligence for Ontic Research, will take on the challenges of today’s physical security landscape and what entities need to do to avoid becoming victims.

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