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Vernon Police Department takes a leap into the 21st century with Getac Cameras

MINNEAPOLIS — Getac Video Solutions (GVS), the leader in body-worn camera solutions, today announced the results of its successful rollout of 20 body-worn cameras designed to aid officers in the field alongside 20 in-car cameras fitted to squad cars belonging to the Vernon Police Department (VPD) in Vernon, Texas.

GVS promptly deployed the camera solutions to support the department in improving efficiency and optimization when it comes to achieving their goals of community protection. VPD has newfound access to feature-rich solutions that offer many benefits to their operators including the in-car camera’s ability to compensate for officer’s reduced visibility at night by providing quality video even in the darkest environments.

“We were able to do more and accomplish more than I thought a camera system could provide,” said VPD Chief Randy Agan. “[Getac] has improved challenges immensely. Our uploading issues, our processing issues… it’s improved by 110%.”

Getac’s efficient deployment of rugged body-worn and in-car camera solutions has helped VPD alongside countless other departments operate in the modern policing environment, offering flexible solutions tailored to the needs of each department.

“The technology, the video quality… it is a huge step up from what we ha,” says VPD Captain Wayne Hodges referring to the benefits and quality of life brought on by Getac Video Solutions.

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