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Fivecast to exhibit at IACP Tech 2022: Enabling a Safer World Through OSINT for Law Enforcement

Law enforcement and criminal intelligence organizations today face an increasingly diverse threat landscape, laced with many challenges. The rapid growth and use of digital technology means the volume, speed, and complexity of open-source intelligence (OSINT) data is beyond human scale and intelligence organizations cannot keep up. It is increasingly difficult for analyst and intelligence teams to sift through the ‘noise’ to identify the most relevant data sets that are key to progressing investigations.

Fivecast is excited to be a part of IACP Tech 2022. This opportunity to highlight our powerful open-source data collection and analysis capabilities that combine to deliver actionable insights from vast quantities of unstructured, multimedia data will have resonating impact on law enforcement investigative methods. Purpose-built to address the highest priority use cases in law enforcement, national security and defense, Fivecast ONYX has been proven to deliver real value through increased productivity and actionable insights.

Fivecast has worked with fusion centers and law enforcement entities to rapidly deliver actionable insights from across the surface, deep and dark web for investigations on;

o Public Safety

o Extremist Threat Monitoring

o Organized Crime/Gang Violence

o Protective Security

o Trafficking

...and more

Fivecast has cut investigation time from days down to hours for both law enforcement agencies and private organizations that assist law enforcement such as DeliverFund, a leader in tackling the scourge of human trafficking. Most recently, on a human trafficking investigation, DeliverFund leveraged Fivecast ONYX to amplify their analyst’s investigative power. “Previously what’s taken them on the short cycle, 21 days to build a human trafficking case, [Fivecast ONYX] has taken that down to a matter of just 3 hours or less”, said a lead analyst with DeliverFund. Watch our video with DeliverFund to learn more about how Fivecast is aiding their mission to end human trafficking.

About Fivecast

Fivecast is enabling a safer world. As a world-leading provider of cutting-edge digital intelligence solutions, Fivecast delivers the world’s most important public and private organizations with the capability to explore masses of digital data, gaining insights that are critical in protecting our communities. Utilizing leading-edge AI-enabled technology and with the ability to solve the most complex intelligence challenges, there is no other technology that has the capabilities of Fivecast’s solutions.