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New Technology Allows Police and Government Attorneys to Synchronize Court Scheduling

(Tampa, FL Jan. 2015) - New Technology Allows Police and Government Attorneys to Synchronize Court Scheduling

My Court Calendar ( ) was developed by Florida Chiefs of Police in an effort to reduce overtime costs and increase the efficiency of officer appearances at court proceedings. In the past, attorneys would randomly assign court dates without verifying officer availability. The expectation was that the witness received the subpoena and he/she would appear on the date and time specified thereon. This procedure has proven to be an inefficient and costly way of summoning police officers to court.
My Court Calendar is a web-based law enforcement software program that can be accessed via the MDT’s in the patrol car, Smartphone, iPad, Laptop or any other internet compatible device. It is a revolutionary way to capture, store and manage subpoenas for court, off-duty jobs, training classes, squad parties and any other law enforcement related event.

The state attorney and public defender can view the LEO’s work calendar to ascertain their on-duty status and assign a court date when the officer is actually on-duty as opposed to just setting a date in the dark. This will cut back on the required appearances when the LEO is off-duty, on vacation, sleeping after a midnight shift, at a training event, or out on another matter. The attorneys can then send the subpoenas electronically through My Court Calendar directly to the LEO for their review. Once the LEO accepts it, the data goes right into their calendar.

Private process servers hand delivering a subpoena to the police department....not a problem. The court liaison officer can access the officer’s work schedules, accept or decline the subpoena pursuant to state statute and then enter the info into My Court Calendar. The subpoena is electronically transmitted to the officer and entered into his/her calendar. A text message is automatically sent to the officer advising him/her of the pending court appearance.

There is also an area where the department can list all of the off-duty jobs for the LEO’s to review and select. Once a job is selected by a LEO, it becomes grayed-out on the master list and then it is posted to the assigned LEO’s calendar. Since the program is web-based, the LEO does not have to drive to the department to look at the job postings on the bulletin board. He/she can access that data 24/7 from virtually anywhere in the world.

My Court Calendar will also transmit automatic alert notifications to the LEO reminding him/her of any upcoming court dates, off-duty work, training classes etc. that they have on the calendar. They can set the alerts to be sent days or hours before a calendared event. The notifications will help to prevent the officer from missing scheduled events.

My Court Calendar is the technology of the future and is a more efficient way to manage the police officer workday.