Virtual Drive's Power Packed Features Are Preferable to Expensive In House Backup Solutions

Olathe, KS - January, 2014 - Having to set up local file servers, FTP servers, and arranging backup solutions can be a huge problem for many companies. They increase the overhead costs, not to mention the time and energy taken to set up all of these.

Virtual Drive offers the most comprehensive range of services including remote file server access thereby allowing you to access and share large files from anywhere, anytime of the day. Other features include free FTP server, online cloud backup, email backing and hosting, etc. Most of these features are free to those who sign up for their services.

"Our entry plan includes free remote access and file sharing, Virtual Drive FileManager, automatic file synchronization, etc. All of this is available for 1 GB of space. Alternatively, users can choose from our Standard, Professional, Business, Enterprise level plans with varying levels of storage capacity. They also get to pick a group plan intended for a group of sub users," says a spokesperson for this secure cloud services company.

"We offer our services to several organizations including Stockton and Evans, Mid-Nite Material, S and E Associates, etc. These companies were able to save overhead costs through our white label services," adds the spokesperson. Thousands of files can be shared and stored on a secure server without compromising on security and ease of access. They also maintain a unique permission control technology that lets users manage sub user access with greater flexibility and complete control.

In fact, their mobile client apps make it possible to share and access information even from Android and iOS enabled phones- without compromising on security.

About Virtual Drive: Started in 1999, Virtual Drive was one of the many companies that first offered virtual secure cloud based solution. Their system included remote file servers, email servers, data backup systems, FTP servers, etc.

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