500 Public Safety Departments Trust PlanIt’s Personnel Scheduling Tool

LANCASTER, Pa - Over 500 public safety departments throughout the US are utilizing a tool called PlanIt Scheduling Software to help manage their 24/7 personnel schedules. The software allows agencies to build out complex rotations for as long as they need, while still allowing them to make day-to-day changes. This modern technology is saving hundreds of hours for the individuals who are creating the schedules. Additionally, it enhances all communication throughout the department.

PlanIt Schedule developed this unique product for law enforcement, EMS, fire, and dispatch departments in 2005. They worked with a local police department and EMS to understand the functionality that would make the most sense and save the most time.

Over the past few years, PlanIt Schedule has grown by 33% annually. The company has moved twice since 2016 to accommodate their growing team. In the past year they brought on additional support agents in order to provide their clients with more individual attention and provide new support content.

24/7 schedules can be extremely complex. Especially when you mix in minimum staffing, time off, shift swaps, overtime, etc.  A focus on simplicity within the system and a solid customer support team is crucial to having success with scheduling software such as this.

Individuals doing the scheduling are not the only ones who benefit from software like PlanIt. With a web-based scheduling system, employees throughout the department can access their schedule (and their colleagues schedule) from wherever they are. They can put in request for time off, to work an open shift, or to switch shifts with another co-worker from anywhere and at any time.

About PlanIt Scheduling: With over 14 years of experience, the PlanIt team takes pride in their expertise with public safety scheduling. They offer a user friendly and cost-efficient web-based employee scheduling system to police, EMS, fire and dispatch. To find out more information about the efficient scheduling solution for your organization please visit

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