Life-Saving Cide Shields Now Available at Discounted Rate

Citadel Defense Technologies has now instituted a Testing & Evaluation (T&E) Program designed to assist law enforcement departments as they implement the new lifesaving technology of Cide Shields. The T&E program allow each police department a one-time opportunity to purchase up to six Cide Shields, in any combination that best fits their needs, at a 25 percent reduction in cost.

Cide Shields are light-weight, transparent personal protective devices that provide an increased light source for uniformed law enforcement, security and military personnel. A device that protects the head, face and neck from the most deadly attacks faced each and every day on duty, Cide Shields technology is truly revolutionary. Designed to replace the current flashlight with a dual, high-intensity flood light system, Cide Shields also provide protection from ballistic, edged weapon, explosive, chemical and incendiary device attacks from injury to the head, face and neck.

As departments are moving forward with understanding and implementing this new technology, Citadel Defense Technologies is working with them.

The T&E program offers several key benefits:

• Police agencies are free to test the shields as they would on the street,without the hesitation or worry of returning the products.
• Any departmental testing can be accomplished, like shooting a shield,that couldn’t be done otherwise.
• Eliminated time restraints to evaluate the products by field training officers, instructors and administrators.
• Minimal cost for departments transitioning to this new technology, as they look to protect their officers.

“It is our uniformed patrol officers who face the greatest threats during each and every shift, yet have the least in protective equipment,” said Jon Priebe, president and founder of Citadel Defense Technologies. “We will do everything we can to help protect the men and women who are protecting us.”

Citadel Defense Technologies, Inc. received the 2011 “Corp! Magazine” DiSciTech award for pushing the boundaries of science and technology, as they seek to improve the safety of our first-incident responders and all citizens.

For more information about Cide Shields and how to take advantage of the new T&E Program, visit Citadel’s website at or call 517-507-3189.

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