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Massachusetts State Police enhance officer protection with Vector Shields


Officers have used Vectors to de-escalate blade attacks and physical assaults.

Vector Shields

Vector Shields offer unparalleled head, neck, and upper chest protection

FRAMINGHAM, Mass. — The Massachusetts State Police recently made another purchase of Vectors under the direction of retired Colonel Christopher S. Mason before he retired. This is a legacy that has the ability to save many lives in the future.

The MA STOP and VFAS Teams have been using Vectors since 2018. This most recent training was also geared to patrol officers as the Vector is designed to protect officers at felony traffic stops, can be deployed from a vehicle and protects officers while they are sitting in a patrol vehicle. If needed when an officer is being shot at, the Vector can even be deployed to protect the head of an officer while driving in emergency situations.

A 1st responding patrol officer with a Vector is ready to immediately engage an active shooter in a school with rifle-rated face, neck and head protection if needed.

Officers wear chest plates. It’s the head, neck and upper chest that is most vulnerable and what a Vector protects.

Training is POLICE SENSITIVE. Special Forces work with LE instructors to instruct some of the most in-depth and real-world active shooter and de-escalation curriculums in the industry with tactics based on lessons learned in the field by officers.

Officers using Vectors have de-escalated blade attacks, physical assaults, prevented criminals from reaching and firing guns at officers and also rescued people from car wrecks.

Credentialed LE can email for a 15-minute Zoom demo.