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Vector ballistic barrier saves officers/protects surrounding civilians with thousands of successful deployments

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The “Vector” is a lightweight, single-arm-secured NIJ Level 3 ballistic barrier used by federal, state, and local agencies with unprecedented success. It was invented and patented by a Special Forces Green Beret medic who instructed at West Point and oversaw Steven Seagal’s close protection team. Vector’s tactics come from his knowledge of tactical medicine combined with “lessons learned” in the field by officers who have been attacked and shot at and are the basis for the unconventional training program Vector provides with all purchases.

The Vector’s success is measured in thousands of successful deployments and countless untold avoided tragedies. A Vector does not protect the entire body of an officer like conventional riot or SWAT shields. It protects the face and neck – the exact locations where conventional body armor fails to cover. The smaller Vector deploys everywhere the big shields can’t, like in a car, at a traffic stop, in a mobile home, bus, airplane, or attic.

A Vector stops the first attack on an officer and then allows that officer to respond and de-escalate violence, when possible, while protected. It has done this successfully countless times against guns, blades, bats, bricks, and other assaults without much fanfare until Police 1 took an interest in what we do.

We keep our training secret to protect officers, but we can share our saves and officer testimonials and credentialed LE can speak to these officers.

A Vector stopped a machete swung at an officer in Massachusetts where the officer was not injured, and the suspect was arrested with no shots fired.

A Vector stopped a gun aimed at an officer at a Fort Bliss guard gate where the officer was not harmed, and the would-be shooter was arrested with no shots fired.

A Vector stopped an officer from being beaten with a chair at a party in Texas. The officer was not harmed, and the suspect was arrested with no shots fired.

A Vector allowed a federal task force agent to gain entry into a residence after a failed breach as the large shield would not fit. The officer stopped a man before he reached his gun to shoot the officer with no shots fired.


Texas Officer Deploys the Vector Barrier Every Day

Wounded Officer Says His incident May Have Ended Differently If He Had a Vector Barrier during His Shooting:

Veteran LEO discusses his deployment of the Vector Ballistic Barrier:

100 percent of officers we train say in class evals that they want and need this tool to protect them and better de-escalate violence. Every type of officer deploys our barriers from patrol, SRO, and SWAT to riot and fugitive apprehension. The training is team-specific. Because it is a safety barrier, the Vector also fulfills many state-mandated use-of-force laws while protecting officers.

Police Sensitive / Credentialed Law Enforcement ONLY:

Credentialed LE can request a 30 minute Skype demo.

Stay Safe. Stay Protected.