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Odor Crusher announces release of the Ozone Armor Clean

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WICHITA, Kan. — Odor Crusher® has been taking care of law enforcement and first responders by eliminating bacteria and odor contamination concerns for three years.

“Working closely with these professionals and hearing their feedback, it has given us the ability to create products that not only make their duty environment but also their home life safer,” says Troy Bosard, sales director.

We are thrilled to announce the release of the Ozone Armor Clean. Your body armor absorbs not only your perspiration and odor but, even worse, the constant exposure to unwanted bacteria common in the line of duty. Up until now, body armor was extremely difficult to clean.

The Ozone Armor Clean is a complete body armor cleaning solution. Our design engineers have created an all new and extremely effective battery powered Ozone Generator developed from NASA-based research that is 100% chemical free. This rechargeable Ozone generator will eliminate the harmful contaminants and odor on any carrier or vest with a 30-minute programmable run time.

The vest containment bag is constructed of durable 1050D poly fabric and equipped with the World’s Strongest Coat Hanger to provide a compact cleaning system that destroys contaminants, bacteria and odor. Compatible with all ballistic and stab armor carriers, you no longer are required to use water and harsh detergents or chemicals to clean the vest.

Since Armor Clean does not use water, the vest carrier remains dry, and can be back in use immediately after the 30-minute ozone treatment is complete. Maintenance free, 4-hour battery life on a single charge and a 5-year warranty, you will be able to start every shift with a vest that is clean, safe and odor free.

For more information, visit OdorCrusher.Com.