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‘The Pee Analyzer’ combats drunk driving via urinals

The Pee Analyzer, is a multi-step monitoring program designed to decrease the number of drunk drivers by letting valets know when a person can or cannot drive

By Police1 Staff

A Singapore nightclub is attempting to decrease the number of fatal accidents caused by drunk driving by developing a new urinal-based product that analyzes a person’s alcohol levels.

The Pee Analyzer is a multi-step monitoring program that begins when a person parks their vehicle at a club. The valet hands the driver an RFID-enabled parking pass in exchange for their keys, according to

The parking pass then updates status via a urine testing device in the urinal, even displaying messages on a screen directly in front urinal saying, “Maybe you’ve had one too many to drive; call a cab or use our drive home service.”

When the driver returns to their vehicle, the card lets the valet know whether the person is safe to drive.

If the valet is alerted that the driver is intoxicated, a ride will be offered to take the person home.

The early results have been great. Of the 573 people the Pee Analyzer tested, 342 of them chose to take a cab home or use the club’s driving service, according to the article.