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DragonEye Seeks to Expand International Dealer Network; Ceases Production of 3rd Party Branded Lidars

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NORCROSS, GA - DragonEye Technology, LLC is actively seeking expansion of our international dealer/distributor network for our technology leading law enforcement speed measurement Lidars and camera systems. Qualified parties should contact Scott Patterson or Debra Shaw at the email addresses given below to initiate discussions. Current U.S. dealers of the DragonEye Lidar product line can be found on our website or by contacting the company.

In related news, DragonEye Technology has ceased production of one of its police Lidar devices branded under a 3rd party trade name and will now deal directly with all U.S. and international dealers under our manufacturer brand names: DragonEye Speed Lidar®, DragonEye Compact Speed Lidar, DragonCam Photo Laser System and DragonEye LidarCam. The DragonEye Lidar devices are IACP approved and come complete with the latest firmware and full 12 month warranty (extended warranties available).