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Massachusetts State Police Deploy the Vector

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The Massachusetts State Police STOP and VFAS teams are deploying the Vector and using

Vector-Certified Training for centerline ballistic protection.

The Vector has documented saves, immediately stopping guns, blades, bats, bricks, chairs, attacking dogs, and other physical assaults against officers. Violence was stopped, officers were saved, surrounding civilians were protected, and attackers were arrested with no shots fired.

Vector Defensive Systems owns the patent on this lightweight, single-arm-secured NIJ Level 3 centerline protection ballistic barrier and is the only company in the United States to instruct its training program.

The Vector can be used simultaneously with all other tools a law enforcement officer has and fulfills use of force laws as a protective “barrier” for departments in many states.

Officer Testimonial:


Credentialed LE are asked to request a 30-minute Skype demo to learn about how this ballistic barrier is being deployed.



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