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SAVE $289.00 or 5% off the Numb John XT from Dummies Unlimited


The Versatile Multi-Purpose Training Dummy
September/October 2015 Promotion
SAVE $289.00 or 5% off!!!

For more than 55 years Numb John XT has been an effective and durable training partner to establish proper baton techniques. Numb John can be used as a Stationary training partner or as a mobile target using the Control Handle.

Some of the Key Benefits of Numb John XT:

  • Numb John XT is a free-standing, full-impact baton & Less Lethal Ballistic Training device.
  • Numb John XT establishes accurate, full-impact baton techniques on a static dummy with a real street baton. This method of training increases the proficiency of the officer and minimizes department liability.
  • Numb John XT is a 3-D human featured target with arms, legs, head and torso, this helps train for accurate 12 gauge, 37 and 40mm less lethal ballistics with hardly a scratch.
  • Numb John XT is the perfect dummy to practice OC spray techniques. After use, wipe him down and he is ready to go again.
  • Numb John XT can also be used for Stun Gun Training using the optional Stun Gun Training Vest.

If bought separately NJXT would cost:

Numb John XT = $3,695.00
Control Handle = $ 225.00
Stun Gun Training Suit = $ 369.00

Total: $ 4289.00 plus S&H

During the months of September & October 2015 Dummies Unlimited, Inc. is offering a NJXT total package for only $4,000.00 plus S&H. That’s a SAVINGS OF $289.00!!!

Orders must be placed no later than October 30, 2015

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