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Secure Community Network welcomes former NYPD Chief of Department Ken Corey as Strategic Advisor


Ken Corey/LinkedIn

Corey To Advise SCN on State and Local Law Enforcement Approach & Partnerships

CHICAGO — The Secure Community Network announced today that Kenneth E. Corey will join the organization as a Strategic Advisor; Corey served with the New York City Police Department for 34 years. His most recent assignment was Chief of Department, the department’s highest-ranking uniformed officer.

Within the NYPD, the nation’s largest local law enforcement agency, Chief Corey managed law enforcement operations throughout New York City, overseeing 36,000 uniformed officers and personnel where he developed security strategies to mitigate risk, assess vulnerabilities, and direct crisis management through overseeing all aspects of the NYPD’s efforts, from intelligence and counterterrorism to the detective and patrol services bureaus. Throughout his career, he directed security operations during major events, to include at Madison Square Garden, Yankee Stadium, and the U.S. Open, among others.

He is recognized internationally as an innovative law enforcement leader who has developed and overseen best practice efforts to bring together partners including law enforcement, business leaders, media, intelligence professionals, local government agencies, and community members to enhance public safety.

“I am honored to join the team at SCN, which has established itself as a leader not merely amongst faith-based organizations but as a wholistic model for non-governmental intelligence and information sharing, physical security, training, and incident response,” said Chief Corey. “We have learned hard lessons in law enforcement about the danger of siloed and disconnected efforts. The comprehensive, professionally-rooted, and coordinated standard that SCN has worked to create in the Jewish community is a clear model that advances best practice systems of security and has the best chance of ensuring the safety of the Jewish community. Given the threats facing the Jewish community, the need for a professional team like SCN’s has never been greater. I look forward to working with SCN to promote their model within the Jewish community, with other faith-based groups, and with law enforcement.”

“There are few leaders in law enforcement who are more respected or whose advice is more valued than Chief Corey. His experience and expertise – in the NYPD and more broadly – marry a strategic and tactical perspective that can only come with the type of operational experience that so exemplifies Ken’s work in law enforcement — a body of work which has earned him great respect,” said Michael Masters, CEO and National Director of SCN. “We look forward to working with Ken to advance the model which SCN has developed with public safety experts and law enforcement professionals, and which we have seen in incident after incident is positioned to ensure the safety and security of the Jewish community.”

In his role, Chief Corey will serve as a resource to SCN and its network of professional security directors, law enforcement partners, and the broader Jewish community, focusing on assisting in the development of best practice security initiatives, as well as enhancing coordination between law enforcement partners and the community.

Chief Corey joined the NYPD as a police cadet in 1988. He became a sworn police officer in July 1990, and started his career on patrol in Brooklyn’s 62nd Precinct. During his long and distinguished career in the NYPD, he also worked in the 6th, 70th, 72nd, and 78th Precincts, and served as the commanding officer of the 76th Precinct. Chief Corey held positions in the Detective and Patrol Services Bureaus, the Office of the Queens District Attorney, the Intelligence Division, the Medical Division, the Office of the First Deputy Commissioner, and the Training Bureau, among others. Prior to his promotion as the four-star Chief of Department, Chief Corey was the Chief of Training for the NYPD, steering the agency through several innovations for improving policing.

Chief Corey serves as an adjunct professor at St. John’s University and as a senior leader within the Policing Leadership Academy at the University of Chicago Crime Lab. He writes and lectures extensively on policing, community relations, transparency, and accountability, among other topics.