FMG Publications Launches Cop Magazine FMG Publications announces the launch of a new magazine, American COP, which will debut in September 2005. FMG Publications is the publisher of American Handgunner, GUNS and Shooting Industry magazines. The new publication will be "hard-hitting, credible, timely and gun savvy," according to Roy Huntington, editor of American Handgunner, who is the new magazine's editorial director.

"Cops need information they can trust. That's why American COP will have the same 'tell-it-like-it-is' approach we present in American Handgunner," said Huntington, a 24 year veteran of the San Diego Police Department and former editor of POLICE Magazine. "If the emperor has no clothes, we'll say it. If something's right or wrong, we'll find it and let readers know." The editor of the new magazine is Dave Douglas, a 29-year police sergeant, rangemaster and veteran street cop. "We care passionately about what we do and believe strongly that cops need a strong, reliable partner all the time. That's the way see ourselves," said Douglas.

"American COP will offer solutions to real-world problems, the problems cops deal with every day." Huntington and Douglas say the magazine will address such topics as "Do We Really Need SWAT?," "Duty Ammo Hysteria - Cut Through The Hype," "Shooting On The Move," and "Bust 'Em - The Lost Art Of Arresting Bad Guys." "You can rely on American COP to run the articles the other magazines would never dare to print! Each issue will include first-person articles about how to stay alive, equipment that works, equipment that sucks, the people, products, guns, ammo, training, tips and street work that affect cops directly," said Huntington. American COP will be distributed to police departments, federal agencies, correction officers, private security and interested private citizens.

American COP is offering a one year charter subscription rate of $19.95 that includes a free Streamlight Key-Mate flashlight. Visit or call (888) 732-2299 for more information.

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