Inspirational Book For Cops Released for the Holidays

Dr. Joel Shults is surrounded by heroes every day. Shults says he is a "cheerleader for the men and women who do this work" and wanted to encourage them with his new book "Is The Line Ready? A Policeman's Perspective on Worldly Wisdom". The book takes famous quotes and adds the writer's commentary from a cop's point of view for 365 days of short, inspirational readings. A former law enforcement Chaplain, the author is an active member of the law enforcement community as the head of a police agency in Colorado. With over 30 years as a lawman and police trainer Shults understands the challenges of police work. The uplifting yet gritty observations can help keep the reader invigorated about the profession with entertaining and thoughtful reminders about the importance of serving well. Autographed copies of "Is The Line Ready" can be ordered through the author's website at for delivery in time for the holidays.

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