New Release from Looseleaf Law Publications Breaks Critical Ground in Exploration of Relationship Between Psychology and Police Performance Under Pressure

Flushing, New York -- Looseleaf Law Publications, Inc. is excited to announce the release of Processing Under Pressure: Stress, Memory and Decision-Making in Law Enforcement , by Matthew J. Sharps, Ph.D., a professor of cognitive psychology and cognitive neuroscience at California State University, Fresno and a member of the forensic clinical psychology instructional staff at Alliant International University, Fresno. This ground-breaking new book delves into the critical relationship between human psychology, brain chemistry and the unique, often life-threatening world of police work.

 “One of the greatest perils in law enforcement is having your actions judged by people who don’t understand psychology as it relates to the pressures and nuances of police work,” says Dr. Sharps. “The ‘reality’ of TV and the movies is most often not the reality of the streets, where split-second decisions make the difference between life and death and the human mind is pushed to, and sometimes beyond, its natural limit. My goal is to shed light on the scientific truths of human processing and to apply that information to, and for, law enforcement professionals so the effectiveness and survivability of officers in the field can be increased.”

Reflecting a powerful combination of Dr. Sharp’s impressive psychological expertise with his masterful ability to interpret and apply complex scientific concepts in a practical, understandable fashion, this text promises to stand as one of the most influential new releases in law enforcement.

“It’s important to note that Processing Under Pressure is not just a book for police officers,” says Looseleaf Law President, Michael Loughrey. “It’s just as important for internal affairs investigators, attorneys, supervisors, judges and anyone else, including civilians involved in law enforcement oversight activities, who must evaluate and pass judgement on officers’ actions.”

Throughout the book, Professor Sharps utilizes his own experience in the police world in combination with extensive references to actual events to put the psychological concepts being discussed into a real-world context. “The result for the reader,” says Loughrey, “is a level of education, awareness and understanding that most books only hope to provide. Dr. Sharps has an amazing ability to wade through scientifically elaborate concepts, identify the points that have relevance to law enforcement, and then to present them in a fashion that’s understandable, interesting and, most importantly, practical.

“This is a book that can not only improve you professionally by helping you develop a firm understanding of human abilities and limitations but it’s an eye-opening  guide to fair and realistic evaluation of human behavior—specifically that of police officers—that can actually save your career and quite possibly your life.”


Processing Under Pressure (ISBN: 978-1-932777-89-5, 252 pgs., softcover) is available for $24.95 plus shipping, handling and tax (if applicable) by calling (800) 647-5547 or visiting

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