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Two Important Books From Looseleaf Law Are Now Better Than Ever

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Flushing, New YorkLooseleaf Law Publications is proud to announce the recent
enhancement of two of their popular titles. The first, Police Officer Entrance Exam
Preparation Guide, Revised Edition by renowned law enforcement test-taking guru,
Larry Jetmore, Ph.D., is a priceless resource for both those aspiring to be a police officer
and those who want to help them achieve that goal. For decades, Dr. Jetmore has been
helping active officers test through the ranks and now, those who hope to don the badge
as a rookie can benefit from his wisdom literally right from the start of their careers.

“One of the great benefits of this book is that it gives active officers a resource they can
share with their sons and daughters--and anyone else who is interested in becoming an
officer-- who ask, ‘What should I study for the entrance exam? What’s the best strategy
for me to pass?’,” says Looseleaf Law President Michael Loughrey. “Now they can say,
‘Get the book!’ There is so much information to cover when it comes to understanding
things like what it really takes to be an officer, candidly considering whether you’re right
for the job and how best to prepare yourself to score high on the written and oral exams
and get hired by the agency that’s best for you. It’s virtually impossible to cover all of
that in a conversation. With the availability of this book, you don’t have to.”

The 400-page Police Officer Entrance Exam Preparation Guide, Revised Edition is
available for $24.95 (ISBN: 978-1-60885-067-9) by calling (800) 647-5547 or ordering
online at

The second title, Protect Your Life, 2nd Edition A Health Handbook for Law Enforcement
Professionals By Dr. Davidson C. Umeh of John J. College of Criminal Justice, sheds
light on the kinds of threats that officers commonly face but rarely discuss--health threats.

“So often officers focus on the more obvious risks to their safety, like violent offenders
and others who would do them harm in the course of their duties,” says Loughrey. “More
often, however, it’s the unseen dangers that threaten them the most. This life-enhancing,
potentially life-saving book pointedly discusses the kinds of health issues that can put
officers, and their families, in peril and gives them the information they need to reverse
poor health habits, begin good ones, finds solutions to eliminating current health issues
and preventing possible health problems in the future.”

Topics include heart disease, drug and alcohol use, infectious diseases, cancer, depression
and other emotional challenges, the long-term effects of physical and mental stress and
even lead poisoning from prolonged range exposure. It also delves into the benefits of
enhanced physical fitness, improved nutrition, maintaining a healthy diet and taking other
positive steps to ensure that both your body and your mind are fully fit for a long lifetime.

This 250-page ready-to-use workbook is available for $39.95
(ISBN: 978-1-60885-060-0) by calling (800) 647-5547 or ordering online at