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Compliance Training Group launches active shooter preparedness and response training led by former FBI agents


George Ramos is a veteran in the background screening, compliance training and workplace investigations industry.

Compliance Training Group

LOS ANGELES — George J. Ramos, Jr., CEO and president of Compliance Training Group (CTG), an industry leader in essential workplace training, today announced the launch of their Active Shooter Preparedness and Response Training. Created to offset the escalation of mass shootings in America, the training is led by former FBI high-level industry experts and will equip participants with the essential skills they need to survive a mass shooting. In addition to this onsite training, CTG has specialized webinars, SCORM files, and on-demand eLearning modules available, as well as evacuation plans in the event of an active shooter, with practice drills for private companies, government agencies and non-profits.

“Mass shootings are on the rise across America and with it, we are seeing massive class action lawsuits by the victims, many of whom were employees at the targeted locations,” states Mr. Ramos, a veteran in the background screening, compliance training and workplace investigations industry. “In 2022, the FBI designated 50 active shooter incidents in 25 states and the District of Columbia, and in 2023, those incidents have doubled. Any open space where a large number of people gather are potential risk areas, including: malls, educational institutions, concert venues, theaters, houses of worship and even healthcare facilities. Given these facts, we created this training to address our clients’ physical and legal preparedness concerns.

“The theme of the Active Shooter Preparedness and Response Training is ‘run, hide or fight’. One of the first proactive steps to increase awareness of your organization’s active shooter emergency plan is to prepare employees for unpredictable acts of violence. Our expert trainers, both former FBI special agents and current law enforcement experts, help strengthen and reinforce critical thinking concepts when a split-second decision is necessary to save a life. Our trainers have high-level government security clearances. They are subject matter experts who know how mass shooters think and react. In the event of a class action lawsuit following a mass shooting, our trainers are ready to go to court and testify on behalf of our clients. When it comes right down to it, our trainers are at the top of their field because preparedness is the key to surviving a mass shooting incident.”

For over 20 years, CTG has been recognized as a leading workplace training resource for federal, state and county government agencies and private companies, ensuring trainees’ safety through education. “We aim to instill in employees the knowledge and confidence to respond appropriately to an active shooter incident,” states Mr. Ramos. “A well-thought-out plan, based on their personal decisions and available options, will aid in preserving life, minimizing casualties, and significantly reducing the risk of an incident.”

In addition to serving as CEO and president of Compliance Training Group, Mr. Ramos is a cofounder of Diversified Risk Management, a nationwide provider of corporate investigations. He also heads up Employers Choice Screening, a full-service, nationwide consumer reporting agency that offers employment background screening. These three companies have provided employers in 50 states with system-wide legal corporate investigations, employment background checks, and compliance training services required in today’s workplace.

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