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PC3 launches first responder exit survey to capture attrition trends

BELLINGHAM, Wa. - Protego Critical Communication Consultants (PC3) have launched a self-service exit survey for public emergency services personnel. The survey gives service providers in fire, police, and EMS the opportunity to make their voices heard when an exit interview is not a part of the formal employment separation process. Additionally, understanding attrition in these sectors will help the PC3 team in their mission to build a stronger emergency service system nationwide.

“Many small departments don’t have the resources or time to perform exit interviews. Larger departments sometimes seem indifferent to the idea. It’s a valuable source of data. If we can understand exactly where our people came from, why they are leaving, and where they are going, we can diagnose the problem and start a conversation about solutionsm,” said Jennifer Russell, CEO and Co-founder of PC3.

Leaders in public service have an implicit understanding of what is driving the current employment exodus from public service careers. The PC3 Exit Survey was built to generate a more explicit understanding of the topic and to generate scalable solutions. The team intends to aggregate the data quarterly and make it available for public consumption, critique, and solution ideation. The team will also create a comprehensive annual report which will include the exit survey data as well as insights from their Workplace Scorecard studies and other client services.

“I was a data scientist in the fin-tech world, privacy, anonymity, and accuracy are at the forefront of my mind,” said Joshua Bennett, CTO and Co-founder of PC3.

A relatively short survey of 22 questions, the PC3 Exit Survey requires no personal or professional identification except for the domain associated with the user’s departmental email; this is used to cross-reference with known departmental emails and reduces noisy data. Furthermore, the final question asks for input from the user to improve the survey’s applicability and effectiveness across all three sectors. In this way, it is an exit survey for, and created by, public service members.

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