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AutoTargets with Action Target Portable Bullet Trap

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AutoTargets is an intelligently connected target system that lets shooters interact with their targets in a way never possible before. With its powerful hit sensing technology, advanced app, portable wireless activation, and revolutionary programmability, AutoTargets is truly changing the way you shoot. Portable Bullet Trap Portable bullet traps extend the life of the shoot house by capturing rounds in an easy to maintain facade. Strategic placement of bullet traps can reduce the amount of rounds fired into the shoot house walls by as much as 90%. The trap is large enough to accept standard size paper and cardboard targets and they are easily attached with staples or pins. Action Target’s Portable Bullet Trap features a rubber target face that encapsulates bullets, backed by a 1/2" AR500 steel plate. Rated for pistol and rifle rounds in common shoot house configurations for close-quarters combat training. Approved attack depth angles of 20 degrees or more will ensure rounds are safely captured behind the rubber media. The trap allows you to position targets in three dimensional space within a room and rapidly change that position between scenarios to keep your trainees adaptive and responsive to every environment.