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ANN ARBOR, Mich. — FAAC’s Continuum of Training is not only a tool, but an approach that takes place by threading multiple learning events together through one seamless scenario.

The Continuum of Training uses simulation-based tools provide the highest levels of learning retention, at a fraction of the cost and without the risk. Learning by doing is not a revolutionary approach, but what is innovative is the ingenuity to combine individual products into one learning environment, giving the trainee the ability to proactively learn in a full-cycle evolution.

As stand-alone pieces, FAAC’s interactive training solutions are the most powerful tools available to Law Enforcement. By introducing a single scenario, involving multiple simulators, the training session has completely been transformed. The scenario, at this point, becomes a deeply immersive environment for the trainees.

FAAC's LE-1000 is an advanced training system developed for Emergency Vehicle Operator training that teaches and assesses judgment and decision making skills. A comprehensive training curriculum ensures both instructor and student have the most advanced tools in the industry at their fingertips.

FAAC understands that learning is a hands-on experience, but Law Enforcement’s expectations are drawn heavily from two distinct vantage points; the ability to use immediately what they have learned and to be a source of knowledge in their organization. With DrivingForce, our driver and force options training, nothing more closely matches the daily events officers face during a shift than the compressed situational dynamics of a DrivingForce training exercise.

FAAC makes a concerted effort to take well-developed product lines and unite them within the Continuum of Training. When simplified, Law Enforcement engages in at least one of the three core areas on any call; Drive, Respond, Command. Never before has one training environment been able to offer this level of fidelity and Trainers are taking notice. FAAC’s Incident Command Simulator allows Law Enforcement to train in a realistic 3D environment for operational preparedness.

FAAC is honored to provide effective training tools for the individuals that the public rely on when the unforeseen takes place. Our full-cycle training is built around ensuring trainees learn new skills and reinforce existing skills in a safe environment without sacrificing the realistic elements involved in emergency response. FAAC Incorporated produces the #1 selling simulation training products for Law Enforcement and provides the most exacting, hands-on, decision-making and judgment training on the market.

About FAAC
FAAC is the world’s leading supplier of accurate high-speed weapon system simulations. Our experience performing this work has resulted in an excellent reputation with both developmental and operational military activities.

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