Setcom Releases Internationally Compatible Liberator Wireless System

Setcom’s Liberator Wireless System for Portable-Only Radios is Ready for Worldwide Use.

Austin, Texas - Setcom Corporation (, the industry leader in communication systems and accessories for police motorcycle officers, has taken their Liberator Wireless system to the next level, literally. The company announced today that the wireless portable-only version of the police motorcycle communication system is now fully operational on the international level. Whether you are a police motorcycle officer in Rio, Prague, Bangkok, Sydney, Johannesburg, New Delhi, or Dubai, you’re now able to use Setcom’s Liberator and feel the freedom of not being tethered to your motorcycle.

“We are very enthusiastic about being able to now offer wireless headset communications to motor officers around the world,” Jim Roberts, Setcom president said. “We have supplied communication systems for international police motorcycle units for decades and this is yet another step in continuing to provide them with safe and reliable equipment.”

This upgrade of the Liberator Wireless system is hot off the heels of the most recent feature addition of sidetone, which allows motor officers to hear their own voice when transmitting through their radio. With the availability of these two new features, police motorcycle officers worldwide now have access to wireless communications with greater safety features. (

“This Liberator Wireless system is the new generation design of police motorcycle communication equipment,” said Steve Hall, design engineer for Setcom. “We are very excited about its high performance, rugged design, and dependability. The system provides a safer riding environment for motor officers everywhere and we couldn’t be more thrilled about offering it for international utilization.”

The Portable-Only Liberator Wireless was first introduced in 2005 and has since quickly become a leading product in police motorcycle communications. Following the upgraded release of the waterproof system in 2007 and the upgrade to sidetone earlier this year, the recent system release providing worldwide compatibility, is the latest in the system’s innovative developments.

About Setcom Corporation
Setcom ( is a privately held company which designs, manufactures and sells communications systems and accessories for two-way radios. Setcom’s communication accessories markets include law enforcement motorcycles, fire apparatus, and the US military vehicles as well as certain industrial and commercial segments. Its accessories include headsets, vehicle intercoms, helmet kits, and radio interfaces.

Founded in 1970, Setcom has been a pioneer in its markets for 39 years. The company introduced the first commercialized communications system for a police motorcycle in 1970. Setcom is still the leader because it works with police officers to develop the kind of innovative, tailor-made products law officers depend on. Public safety professionals in all fifty states, most major US cities, and more than twenty countries worldwide rely on Setcom.

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