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CTech releases CopBox for new Chevy Tahoe PPV


WESTON, Wis. — A CopBox Cabinet tactical trunk storage solution for the all-new 2021 Chevy Tahoe PPV is officially available for purchase. After a long wait, CTech engineers were finally able to get their hands on an example of the latest Tahoe to develop an updated QuickLink mounting plate.

“We try our best to stay ahead of the curve at CTech, so when our new Tahoe arrived from the production plant in Texas, we immediately dove into the trunk space and started verifying the great design work that CTech engineers had done in previous weeks,” said Ryan Peterson, Tactical Product Line Manager.

A major advantage of CopBox storage is that it utilizes factory mounting points thanks to a dedicated ‘QuickLink‘ mounting plate. That means, in many cases, a CopBox cabinet can be transferred from vehicle to vehicle by simply swapping out the mounting plate. This saves precincts money and time compared to similar trunk storage solutions.

Every CopBox Cabinet is engineered to the same standard as other CTech storage solutions; combining lightweight construction with superior accessibility and finished quality. CopBox Cabinets come standard with a host of CTech-exclusive features:

  • Lightweight fastener-constructed assembly
  • MotionLatch full-length dual-latching drawers and cabinet doors.
  • Hammertone powder coat finish.
  • Radius-end corners.
  • QuickLink factory mounting plate.

Demand for the new Chevy Tahoe PPV is high, and as a result CTech received numerous inquiries regarding CopBox Cabinet options for the upcoming Tahoe. Before presenting a CopBox to the market, fit and function tests had to be carried out on the new mounting plate in-house at CTech Manufacturing’s headquarters in Weston, Wisconsin.

“Our ultimate goal will always be to provide a long-term, performance and value-driven storage solution for our law enforcement partners working under pressure in the field who depend on CopBox Cabinets every day,” Peterson said.

Like many other full-size vehicles, the new Tahoe seems to have adopted a slimmer waistline compared to previous generations. As a result, CTech’s standard line of 40″ wide CopBox models have been fully verified for the 2021 Chevy Tahoe PPV.

This selection includes all standard 40″ wide Metro, Responder, Patrol, Tactical, and Command series CopBoxes. For a full list of CTech’s standard CopBox trunk storage solutions, please click here to navigate to our Tactical product page.

About CTECH Manufacturing
We build lightweight storage solutions for mobile applications including; Police SUVs, SWAT vehicles, C.S.I. labs, and more. We launched our Tactical division with CopBox Cabinets which has become standard equipment in most new vehicle outfits. Ask about a CopBox in your next vehicle!