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Estes AWS Install “Ace” Approved

Estes AWS recently had the opportunity to upfit the vehicle of K-9 Handler Caleb Freeman and his K-9 partner, Ace, with the Greenfield Indiana Police Department. Before Officer Freeman received his Large SUV Storage Box with an Auxiliary Drawer and Fence Package, he was utilizing a combination of a simple wooden box that he purchased from another vendor, plastic totes, and other gear just thrown into the back of his vehicle. This hodge-podge of totes and boxes made it difficult for Officer Freeman to keep his vehicle efficiently organized and affected his ability to quickly access gear for himself and Ace.

Officer Freeman’s Wish List

Officer Freeman was wanting a storage solution that would check off a number of boxes, including:

  • A storage solution that would work in conjunction with his K-9 kennel
  • A single storage box that would be large enough to hold all his K-9 gear along with his standard issued gear all in one contained place
  • A secure locked drawer to store confiscated drugs and drug paraphernalia without having to worry about them getting stolen
  • The ability to customize his configuration and organize his setup in a way that would best suit his in-vehicle storage needs

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Estes AWS Transforming Officer Freeman’s Storage Potential

Estes AWS was able to deliver on every item from Officer Freeman’s wish list. The Large SUV Storage Box took the storage potential of his vehicle to a whole new level. The two adjustable dividers made a customizable interior configuration possible to best fit his storage needs. The electric-coded lock and t-handles provide a heavy-duty and secure 3-point latching system, allowing him to safely store drugs and drug paraphernalia in a secure location. Officer Freeman used the open-access storage space of the Fence Package to store his plate carrier and other K-9 training gear that he frequently uses and wants quick and easy access to. Finally, Officer Freeman utilized the locking capabilities of the Auxiliary Drawer to securely store several smaller weapons and a large rifle.

Read K-9 Handler Caleb Freeman’s testimonial below on his impressions of his Large SUV Storage Box package and his interactions with the Estes AWS team.


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“I am a recent customer of Estes AWS, receiving their Large SUV Storage Box with an Auxiliary Drawer mounted underneath. Like many officers in the country I have seen anything from wooden built storage boxes for gear to other products currently on the market. I have used and spoken with many officers about other boxes, but after receiving and having my new AWS Storage Box, I couldn’t be happier. I needed a box which was lockable, and hoped for one that would fit behind my Havis 2/3 K-9 kennel without constantly rattling in the back of my patrol car.

I have a 2019 Chevrolet Tahoe and the Estes AWS team went above and beyond in checking for fitment and ensuring sound proofing material between where the kennel and storage box was installed. The box is also powder coated and durable against abrasions along with an abundance of storage space and locking capabilities for narcotics/training supplies, weapons, and gear. I currently have a lot of items stored inside of it, and the dividers provided me with the ability to organize it easily and effectively without having to sacrifice time to retrieve items when I need them most.The material Estes AWS used to fabricate the box is sturdy and well designed, leading me to believe it will last me many years even beyond the use of my current patrol car. I am also a huge advocate of customer service being a top priority, and the Estes AWS team has thoroughly impressed me. If anyone is in need of adding additional lock boxes to their fleet, definitely give these guys a look.”

  • Caleb Freeman K-9 Handler, 11 year officer

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To learn more about the Estes AWS Large Storage Box and how to maximize the storage potential of your vehicle, visit our website. If you are looking for a solution and not sure what would be the best fit for your vehicle, we’re happy to look at options with you, both standard and custom. Estes AWS is equipped and ready to transform your vehicle’s storage capabilities to handle anything and everything that is needed. Contact us today to get started!