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“Be safe.” Two words law enforcement officers hear almost every day on the job. Officer safety is a high priority for law enforcement, and something they know cannot be purely left to chance. But what can law enforcement departments do to actually help their officers stay safe? We all know that unpreventable circumstances happen in the line of duty every day, but there are investments departments can make to help minimize risk and enhance safety for their officers. In a career where every second matters, quick access to weapons can mean the difference between life or death for a law enforcement officer. However, many in-vehicle weapon storage options available to police officers are either located or installed in such a way that makes quick and easy weapon retrieval a challenge. Even most rear cargo area products on the market require the use of a manual key or entry of a combination to access weapons and other tactical gear. In a critical situation, these few seconds could make all the difference.

Estes AWS Offers a Solution

Estes AWS Rapid Access Weapon Lockers feature rapid-access opening technology to protect the lives of law enforcement officers. Our Weapon Lockers open electronically, with a push of a button on a wireless remote and there are no combinations to remember. It features the least time to deployment of any trunk or rear cargo area product in the industry, which immediately presents officers’ weapons to them by the time they arrive to the rear of their vehicle. When under duress, there is no need to search for a key, remember a combination, or open a complicated multi-pin lock. Using the remote fob, an officer’s weapons are ready at the push of a button. If you are concerned about your quick-access key fob getting lost or stolen, you can simply go into the receiver and clear all the codes which would render the lost or stolen fob useless. A new fob can then be reprogrammed to the same receiver.

Rapid Access Weapon Lockers ensure law enforcement weapons are quickly accessible during an emergency.

Take, for instance, an active shooter scenario. Many departments have adopted the mindset that in an active shooter situation the best practice is to place as much of the vehicle between the officer and the shooter as possible. Estes AWS Rapid Access Weapon lockers help with this best practice and are strategically placed in the rear of vehicles which prevents police officers from having to wrestle with grabbing their weapon from a console or rifle rack with only the windshield as protection.

In addition to this, with the automated opening technology of the Rapid Access Weapon Locker, officers are able to exit the vehicle while keeping their eyes toward the threat and back toward the rear of the vehicle effectively using the vehicle as a safety barrier. They can then quickly retrieve their weapons with the push of a fob or panic button. The automated-opening technology of the locker moves the officer away from the confined passenger compartment to the back of the vehicle where the weapons and gear are ready.

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